How Mp3 Players Work

Portable Digital Audio MP3 Players - Are The New Technologies Better?

Finally, there's the older technology -- cd players that use regular cd disks for storage, and can play both MP3 and regular audio disks.

1) Price: Since CD based MP3 players have been around a while, the prices have dropped significantly even on high quality units. Instead of paying several hundred dollars for an Ipod, other hard drive based player, or a memory based on, a CD based player can be purchased for $40-$50.

2) Flexibility: CD based players play regular CD's, so store-bought music and audiobooks can simply be popped in, and ready to go. You can't play store-bought music on hard drive or memory based players.

3)Memory based players can't provide that permanent storage, and hard drive systems like the Ipod are still a poor permanent repository for your music collection. Since CD based systems use permanent storage on CD (or erasable on CD-RW), there is no "temporary storage" involved. The same CD serves as permanent storage, and the listening source.

4) Simplicity: CD based players are far simpler to use. There's no software, or transferring files from one computer to your player.

5) Standalone: Both hard drive and Memory Based Players require some means of transferring music files to them. CD based players don't require anything besides a playable CD.

6) Right now though, there's no question that the cheaper, simpler, and established CD portable audio players have some exceedingly convincing advantages. We recommend portable CD players from Panasonic (our favorite), and Sony, for their robustness and quality.

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MP3 Players - The Feature Packed Digital Audio Playback Machines

An MP3 player is a portable digital audio player that stores and plays audio files. Flash based players hold digital audio files on their internal flash memory. Hard drive based players read audio files from a hard disk drive. These players come with massive memories.

The third variety of MP3 players is known as CD MP3 players. The immediate predecessors of these players were MiniDisc players. These earlier players have no support for digital file formats. SeeHan Information Systems produced the first digital audio player on commercial basis in 1997.

Car MP3 players are specially designed to work in a car. These players allow people to enjoy Quality Music during their travels by road. The players perform many useful functions for the users. Some of the best selling Samsung MP3 players include Samsung YP-P2 Touch Screen 4GB Multimedia Player, Samsung YP-U3 Stick 1GB player and Samsung YP-K5 2GB player.

Sony, Blaupunkt, Kenwood and Sanyo are the leading manufacturers of digital music players. These companies have rolled many new models of best MP3 players. The devices produce high quality sound by eliminating unwanted sound. These portable digital audio players have redefined the ways people entertain these days.

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