Tips To Buy Portable Mp3 Players

Portable Mp3 players are the latest craze among music lovers. Easy to carry and use, portable Mp3 players offer a great experience to those who love to listen music.

Although small, a portable mp3 player can carry a large number of songs and allows one to listen to his/her favorite music. Some portable Mp3 players also have built in FM stereos and microphones.

Here are some tips to buy Portable Mp3 players:

• Be sure as to how you will use your portable Mp3 player.
• Portable Mp3 players are available in various types of software and file formats.
• Some portable Mp3 players have sound equalizers in them.
• Portable Mp3 players generally allow to play, forward, reverse and pause songs.

You must check out those portable Mp3 players that lets you repeat songs or mix up the order of the songs. These features in Portable Mp3 players will surely lend you an exciting experience.

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Better Late Than Never?

The blogosphere has been ablaze this week, with the news that Microsoft is entering the portable MP3 player market. One pundit or another is claiming that the new Microsoft Zune will be the ultimate iPod killer.

With the intellectual resources and working capital that Microsoft possesses, I am continually astounded by their lack of initiative in certain market spaces.

I realize that Microsoft has an unlimited marketing budget, but do they honestly think that they have any chance of penetrating the market that Apple so obviously dominates?

For all the naysayers out there, I am aware that the Zune project is comprised of a number of strategic initiatives for Microsoft. Yes, the MP3 player is but one element of a larger corporate strategy in play here. Honestly, I wish Microsoft the best of luck in these new endeavors.

Hopefully, they will release a product that will give Apple the motivation to develop their next-generation handheld gadget. Microsoft certainly is competitive, but have they ever been truly innovative? Time will tell. Unless, of course, Bill has found a way to turn back time.

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