The Journey Of The Mp3 Player

The MP3 Player is part of the revolution in this age of ever changing technology. None of the previous models come near to the amenities provided by this MP3 Player. In 1989 the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany patented the MP3 format. Philips and Sony came up with their version and the first MP3 players were introduced and sold in Korea.

The previous models of music players required mobile parts but a MP3 player uses only solid-state memory. It allows transfer of MP3 files to the player. The MP3 can also copy music not only from the radio but also from CD`s and Internet web sites. The basics consist of data port, memory, micro and digital signal processors, display, playback controls, audio port, amplifier and power supply point.

The files of the MP3 are stored in the memory of the player. The types of memory are internal-flash, compact-flash, smart-media, memory stick and internal micro-drive. The brain of the MP3 player consists of the microprocessor. Information is displayed and directions given to the chip regarding the storage and playing of music.

Rechargeable batteries power all the MP3 players. There are innumerable types of MP3 players. The hard-drive and mini- hard models are bigger and offer more storage capacity. The MP3 CD player and mini-disc models can contain 10 hours of melody.

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Various Styles Of Mp3 Players

A flash mp3 player is one of the available types of the different mp3 players. The easiest, most lightweight player to tote is the flash mp3 player. Of all of the mp3 players, the smallest count of songs is held by these mp3 players. This effectively lowers the price for frequent music players, who are frequently buying new batteries. One of the more popular flash-format mp3 players is Apple's iPod. If you want music anywhere, these mp3 players are a must.

One of the types of a mp3 player that some people may choose over a flash player is the hard drive players. These mp3 players hold more songs than their flash counterparts. MP3 players still contain portable cd technology, just in case a person wishes to be nostalgic. Portable MP3 players will play older CDs and newer ones will play those burned on computers. Mini-disc technology is another available disc form of mp3 player.

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