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We are talking about the MP3 Player and specifically about the 1GB MP3 Player. A 1GB MP3 Player is a music/video player with a storage capacity of 1GB that lets you record a total of up to 240 songs.

A 1GB MP3 player is the best bet for anybody who does not want to spend a lot and still wants the basics of a music device in his palm. Design and Looks For instance, if you are looking for a simple, compact music player only which supports different formats of music and maybe has other add ons like an FM radio or a voice recorder also then you will get players resembling small pen drives in different shapes with or without a very small digital display screen. Even in a storage capacity of 1GB, you get MP3 Players with a video playback capacity.

Regular Features MP3 players are music/video players and they do just that! Apart from playing basic music and videos, MP3 Players do a lot more. Special Features
Apart from the regular features that all the MP3 Players provide, there are some products that provide features that others don't. The local, unbranded products are naturally low on price and the well established branded pieces cost you more.

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Sandisk Sansa Clip MP3 Player

Unfortunately, Windows Mobile devices equipped with Microsoft's Media Player do not have the ability to bookmark. I tested quite a few MP3 players that would player audiobooks just fine, but without bookmarking capabilities. One of my favorites is the Sandisk Sansa Clip MP3 player. The earlier versions of the Clip do not bookmark. The latest release of the Clip has bookmarking capability built-in.

The Clip is a great solution for this universal problem.

This MP3 player has a number of other welcome features. It plays MP3, WMA, and WMA file formats. I wish that mini-USB connectors were universal. No goofy proprietary connectors allowed!

In the box, you get the player, a detachable clip, a USB cable, earphones, quick start guide, and an installation CD with user guide.
The Clip is one of the smallest MP3 players available.

Executive Summary about mp3 player 1gb by Timothy S. Hellebrand, Ph.D.

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