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MP3 or MPEG- Audio Layer 3 has become the most popular form of music because of its ability of compressing music data files without changing the original data. Today, when digital music has overtaken the whole music business, mp3 is doing very well.

Now mp3 encoded audio has made it possible whereby different song files could be compressed in mp3 format incorporated in a cd. You can download these free mp3 song or purchase them and listen almost the same quality of music sound.

Earlier there was not any source to copy music files, later music cassettes paved the way of recording music and became popular. Not only this, to listen these MP3 songs you should have your cd or audio player compatible to that or you need to have a Mp3 player. Mp3 player is basically made to play mp3 data files. It also supports mp3 songs to be directly downloaded.

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MP3 Player Buyer Guide

There is such a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes, features, storage capacities and even file formats covering the MP3 market that sometimes it is really difficult to pick the right player which is why I have put together a brief MP3 buyers guide.
Design is an important feature and a player should match the owner's lifestyle but that is not everything.

If you like to carry your digital memory with you, make sure the color screen of your player can display JPEG and BMP digital images. Players with crystal-clear OLED screens, for instance, offer better viewing angles and do not consume much.
There are many players that offer FM radio reception and recording. The sound-tweaking options that some players present will allow you to hear the songs the very way the recording engineers mixed them. Wireless connectivity is one of the latest features that some MP3 players present.

Storage capacity is another important feature that most buyers have in mind when choosing an MP3 player. Did you know that some MP3 players can accept phonebooks and schedules? All players offer shuffle, repeat, resume and play-list features because this is the best way to personalize your player.

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