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The Creative Zen Micro can hold about 2,500 songs on its 5GB hard drive and the rechargeable Lithium ion battery offers up to twelve hours playback on a charge.

The player offers high audio quality at 98db SNR while its high fidelity earphones provide dynamic bass response (unlike many similar models). You can choose from 8 EQ settings (acoustic, classical, pop, rock, jazz, disco, new age and vocal).

The audio quality is perfect especially for WMA encoded tracks. The unit has six graphic equalizer settings, the custom one allowing manual configuration of a five-band filter circuit for tonal characteristics of the mid-frequencies.
Music is easy to transfer from the computer even via a low USB 1.1 Windows 98 computer for the device is recognized as a standard mass storage one.

The Creative Zen Nano Plus MP3 player is powered by an AAA battery which provides about 18 hours of playback time but you can use a rechargeable battery instead if you like.

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Overview of the Creative Zen Vision – M

The creative mp3 player that is most noticeable in the market right now is the Creative Zen Vision: M. This creative mp3 player was released in 2005. This mp3 player is very similar to Apple's device. The Creative Zen Vision: M has a 2.5" screen and a familiar interface that is used by Apple's device.

On March 11, 2007, Creative released slimmer versions of the Zen Vision:M and Zen Vision:W 60GB capacities. The slimmer creative mp3 players are as slim as the 30GB counterparts.

The Zen Vision: M has integrated a ZEN Vertical Touch Pad. This creative mp3 player can hold up to 240 hours of movies. The creative mp3 player can also hold an outstanding 15,000 songs based on 4 minutes at 128kbps WMA.

This creative mp3 player, the Creative Zen Vision:M, is the best creative mp3 player on the market right now and is definitely a must buy, even above the Apple iPod.

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