Portable Mp3 Player Safety

Portable players provide relaxation, entertainment and motivation; however, there are some safety guidelines to follow when listening to a portable mp3 player:

Overexposing our ears to loud music can cause permanent hearing loss. This number is projected to rise because of the number of teens who listen to loud music.
Doctors say sound with levels below 70 decibels (dBA) pose no risk of hearing loss, whereas 85 dBA or higher, with exposure to eight or more hours a day, pose a significant risk of permanent hearing loss.

A good rule of thumb while listening to music—if you can’t hear someone speaking in a normal voice, the music is too loud.

Don’t wear headphones when running or biking near traffic.

Loud music can easily drown out an approaching car, an angry dog or a warning beep from a horn.

We can take precautions to avoid a potentially dangerous situation: While running or biking on a road, turn the music down so you can hear traffic and stay alert to your surroundings. Women should be especially careful about listening to loud music in isolated areas, like parking lots and alleyways. The music can be distracting and hinder your hearing. Most importantly use common sense when listening to a portable mp3 player.

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MP3 Players - They're Not Just For Music Anymore

When I bought my first MP3 player I did what people typically do with MP3 players. You take music from your computer and you load it into your MP3 player. I decided to download some motivational MP3s to my MP3 player.

My MP3 player soon solved that problem. I’m certain that you really enjoy listening to music on your MP3 player, but you might just want to give listening to some self-improvement, educational or motivational content a try.

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