Steps To Buying An MP3 Player

Some of the other less popular but good MP3 players are Creative Labs, SanDisk, Zune, and Samsung. Creative Labs are very similar to the Apple iPod.

The second thing to remember when buying an MP3 player is what do you want your MP3 player to do. What features do you want? The main feature of an MP3 player is to play music. Other features that many people want their MP3 players to do are play movies and view pictures.

The last step is to consider what size, storage capacity, you want your MP3 player to have. There are sizes from 1GB, can hold 250 songs, to 80GB, can hold 20,000 songs. For just playing music the best size is the 1GB to the 20GB. Follow the three steps above and finding the right MP3 player that suites you is easy.

Executive Summary about Mp3 20gb by Dan Cross

New Apple 30 GB iPod Details

It’s not a Video iPod, a ViPod, a V-Pod, or anything else. The new 30GB iPod is 30 percent thinner than the previous 20GB color model, but the height and width are the same. (The current 60GB model is roughly 10 percent slimmer than the older 20GB model.) The 2.5-inch backlit LCD, at 320 by 240 pixels, is noticeably bigger than the previous 2-inch 220-by-176 screen.

A new Videos menu offers access to video playlists, Movies, Music Videos, and Video Podcasts. The Video Settings menu (also accessible in the Videos menu) lets you enable or disable TV output, toggle between NTSC and PAL format, and turn the widescreen on and off.

The specs on the video are as follows: File format support includes MOV, MP4, and M4V (Apple's DRM-protected video content).

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Executive Summary about Mp3 20gb by Eddie Miller

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