A Guide To 512mb Mp3 Player

With so much attention given to Apple's iPod series, it's easy to overlook MP3 player alternatives. Transcend has been around since 1988, manufacturing many items for today's digital world. Some of these items include: memory (desktop, Laptop, printer, and Flash), USB flash drives, external portable hard drives, MP3 players, and even digital photo viewers.

A small CD that contains software for managing music (Rhapsody™) and content downloads is included with the 512MB mp3 player unit. 512MB mp3 player unit also includes services for digital radio (Audio Feast) and audio books (Audible) with a wide range of listening options. Individual music tracks can be purchased online for 79 cents.

Price is also a big benefit. The price of the average 512mb MP3 player is around $30 to $50 while larger players can cost around $150 and up. Because of the low price and increased durability, these smaller devices are great choices for young children who want portable mp3 players of their own.

As you can see by the spec, this mp3 player is small and light, whilst having an ample amount of memory to store around 120 songs. It is USB connected and doubles up as a flash drive that can be used to transfer files.

The mp3 player comes with generic earphones, a USB connection cable, a windows 98 installation CD and a user manual.

You should by no means buy this product based on the description or the picture. We will ship you the item based on the product name and mfg number only. For accurate Nspire MP3 PLAYER 512MB FLASH MP3 PLAYER pictures and descriptions, please check the Nspire 's website.

These gripes, aside the Centrios player is definitely worth a look, the display is nice, and beats most flash based mp3 players that still rely on hard to read LCD based displays. The FM tuner works well, and the microphone records decent quality sound files.

These limitations are unfortunate, because otherwise the 512MB player would be extremely good value, particularly for those who don't need a radio and already have a decent pair of headphones. Better headphones are essential for the M18, which is a decent radio but a poor MP3 player.

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