iPod Nano Accessories - Must Have Peripherals for Your Nano Mp3 Player

Wireless headphones : One of the greatest innovations in mp3 player technology are the bluetooth headphones. By plugging a small module into the headphone jack of your ipod nano, you can remotely listen to music, up to 30 feet away from the actual ipod itself.

There are several models available for the ipod nano, however of the units I tested, the Logitech and Panasonic brands were the best values.

Nano Skins - Nothing lets you customize your ipod Nano more than putting a new skin on the player itself. iPod Cases - Another essential accessory for your ipod nano is a good carrying case. You can even Paris Hiltonize your ipod with rhinestone studded cases.

Nano Docking Stations- Now that you have over 8 million hours of music on your ipod nano, you can do away with that big home sound system, because many of the ipod docking stations & speakers rival even some of the high end audio systems.

FM modulated transmitters all you to tune your car radio to a specific station, and your ipod will play through this radio station. It's not as good as a directly wired ipod connection, but it's still a great way to get your ipod music in your vehicle.

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Some Popular iPod Nano Accessories

An iPod Nano is not just an iPod classic's mini version but its fourth generation is a distinct iPod with its own styling features and nine color choices to set it apart. Some of the distinctive features of an iPod Nano include:

However iPod Nano is the best deal while buying a portable Apple MP3 player, you should leave some money over to purchase a carrying case, docking station and Bluetooth headphones. Some of the most popular and essential Nano accessories include:

Charging and installing your Bluetooth module is very simple and the headphones will be the best accessory you can purchase for your iPod Nano.

Nano skins: Although an iPod Nano is extremely stylish in itself, if you are the one who likes to change the appearance of your devices, then you can customize it with new skins from time to time.

iPod cases: A good case is another iPod accessory that not only makes your iPod stylish looking but also protects it from getting dings and scratches from everyday use.

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